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We can Help You on the next stage of your journey

"I love seeing people become happier and more joyful or leave stuck behind or find some deep healing in their life. Let’s see if you are a good fit for me to help you take the next step on your personal journey." Ruth.

Are You Journeying Towards Inner Happiness?

You may be here because you are making a journey towards inner happiness.

If so, you will find it helpful to focus in on one or two of the skills we train in.

Together we would see where you would like to get to and work towards that goal.

Sometimes its moving forward in relationship with God, other times relationships with others, and sometimes it’s “inner work”.

If this is you then get in touch!

Every blessing


Coach and Prayer Minister

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Do you want to Leave Stuck Behind?

You may be here because you feel stuck or you have an area of pain that you would like to move past.

Together we would look at the issues you feel are going on and where you are stuck and in pain.

I will help you grow and heal your emotional capacity, through practicing the insights and tools from our Joyskills resources and brain science.

Being able to help you return to joy and calm from painful emotions is central to my coaching. If this is you, then let’s see if we can work together on this next stage.

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Are You Pursuing Gentle Healing and Wondering about Heart Sync Prayer?

You may be here because you have heard one of the amazing stories that come out of HeartSync prayer and you are drawn to receive some heart healing.

Or you may want to meet with God in a deeper way.

If so then we can help you.

I am trained in Heart Sync which is a gentle, safe, yet transformational way of praying. These are 1.5 hour long prayer sessions where we bring the broken parts of our heart to Jesus together to receive his healing.

I am a Heart Sync trained prayer minister - for more information have a look at the Heart Sync website here. We start out with a set of three prayer sessions over a month or so and then review

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